I have always been fascinated by the “unrecognisable” and how us humans are wired to immediately try to familiarise whatever fails our knowledge. What one perceives is highly influenced by ones own experiences. This causes people to have different interpretations for the same “subject”. I have always found my self attracted to ambiguous shapes and intrigued as to how others perceive them.  Along side my fascination for ambiguous forms I have always had a fixation for textures. Since I started with my practice I have discovered that these two are strongly intertwined. When trying to comprehend or recognise an object the first thing that I see is its surface, its texture, its “skin” as I would call it. I find “skin” to be a fascinating concept. It is the first tool that helps you apprehend what you're seeing, yet it also has the power to conceal so much of its reality.

Nature is one of my biggest muses possessing an endless source of textures and shapes. Concepts like artificiality and the manipulation of nature by man are always present in the back of my mind. Experimenting/discovering my own methods to deal with material and space, my projects often find them selves in some way dependent of the space they're inhabiting. My practice is about creating trough intuition, being present with the material. Creating a dialog between us and allowing both to have an equal role in the making.

There is a lot of energy and playfulness I put into my work while figuring out techniques, combining material and colour. This playfulness and/or humour often reflects in the final piece. My sculptures and/or installations are usually large and more then often take unrecognisable/biomorphic shapes open to the viewer to create their own narrative. I use materials in such ways that baffles the viewer, using textures to create different impressions.